State of the Union 1994: The Clinton Administration and the Nation in Profile

Posted December 30, 1993

Categories: Books, Non-Fiction

Co-editor with Richard Caplan

This look at the first months of the Clinton administration, published in cooperation with the Institute for Policy Studies, is the first of an annual series. The collection of 14 essays written by such authorities as Barry Commoner and Ralph Nader evaluates the administration’s record in key policy areas as it relates to the institute’s progressive philosophy. The report card they present is strongly critical of the administration’s inability to follow through on the promise of change offered throughout the 1992 campaign, with little allowance for the uncooperative Congress Clinton has thus far had to confront. Perhaps future editions will offer more balance. Excellent graphs and charts clarify spending and demographic points. Recommended for strong political science collections.

Jill Ortner, SILS, Univ. at Buffalo, NY

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