Europe’s New Nationalism: States and Minorities in Conflict

Posted December 30, 1996

Categories: Books, Non-Fiction

Co-editor, with Richard Caplan

In the short period since the end of the Cold War, Europeans have witnessed the rebirth of nationalism as a harrowing threat to stability on the continent. The collapse of Yugoslavia, the newly-won independence of the Baltic states, the unification of Germany, the bloody civil wars in Bosnia, and Georgia, Chechnia’s abortive attempt at independence, and state-sanctioned xenophobia in France all attest to the rapid expansion of nationalist fervor in Europe.

This provocative volume collects essays by fourteen prominent European scholars and journalists, in which they reflect on the meaning, origins, and implications of the “new nationalism.” The authors–some of the best-known experts on European politics and history, including Adam Michnik, Mary Kaldor, Dan Smith, Michael Ignatieff, and Tomaz Mastnak–explore issues such as the role of intellectuals, the impact of nationalism on democracy, culture, and European identity, the distinctions between eastern and western nationalism, and the conflicts nationalism begets. Charged with controversy and emotion, the essays aim to offer fresh perspectives from thinkers with diverse national origins and ideological backgrounds, and suggest viable solutions. Europe’s New Nationalism is bound to spark debate about the nature and consequences of this rejuvenated political doctrine.

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