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    Finally a rational analysis by the left! Thank you. After hearing the left like Sachs pontificate on Democracy Now and Chomsky about the solution to Putin’s war is to basically give Putin everything he wants I stopped paying attention to the left without shifting to equal nonsense by liberals and the right. The irony here is that if one replaces the rapid ‘shock and awe’ of Russia’s invasion with the slow boil of Israel’s actions in Palestine adjusting for time one has an almost parallel action. I think one reason Israel has been neutral is that if Putin is successful it sets a precedence for what they want to do in Palestine. The left is outraged by what Israel is doing, as we should be, but is excusing Putin, which we should not be for all the reasons you state in your article. Thanks so much for the article.

  2. I decided to share my comment on your insightful article in Nation of Change, “The Surprising Pervasiveness of American Arrogance”. – Regards, Peter McLoughlin.

    No empire is indispensable. History dispenses with them all eventually. The warning today as humanity moves toward another world war is: everyone eventually gets the war they are trying to avoid – their own defeat: everyone wants to avoid WW III; so, there will be another world war. If that simple syllogism is not grasped, nothing will be changed – our fates sealed.

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