2002 Archives

  “Responding to North Korea’s Surprises,” Foreign Policy in Focus, October 24, 2002 “Diversity Comes to the Meat We Eat,” Newsday, July 29, 2002 “The Politics of Dog,” American Prospect, June 2002 “Bush Policy Undermines Progress on Korean Peninsula,” Foreign Policy in Focus, March 2002 “Globalization & Militarization,” Foreign Policy in Focus, February 2002 “Osama bin Laden’s Secret Strategy” Global Beat… Continue reading 2002 Archives

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2001 Archives

  “Food Fight”, Gastronomica, Summer 2001 “Bush Faces Challenges on the Korean Peninsula,” Foreign Policy in Focus, March 2001 (with Karin Lee) “Bush Fumbles with Korea Policy” Progressive Media Project, March 29, 2001

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2000 Archives

  “Progress on the Korean Peninsula?” Foreign Policy in Focus, December 2000 “Gunboat Globalization: The Intersection of Economics and Security in East Asia,” Social Justice, vol. 27, no. 4 (2000) “After 50 Years, It’s Time to End the War,” Birmingham News, June 25, 2000 “A New Era for the Korean Peninsula,” Foreign Policy in Focus, June 2000 “Building Peace… Continue reading 2000 Archives

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1988-1999 Archives

1999 “The Northeastern Asian Arc of Crisis,” Peacework, October 1999 (with Karin Lee) “Containment Lite: U.S. Policy Toward Russia and Its Neighbors,” Foreign Policy in Focus, August 1999 “Fist in a Velvet Glove,” Asiaweek, July 2, 1999 “U.S.-North Korea Relations,” Foreign Policy in Focus, May 1999 “North Korea and the Politics of Engagement,” Peace Review 11:3 (1999) 1996 “Restructuring East-Central European… Continue reading 1988-1999 Archives

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