The Pundit

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Ambitious Washington pundit Peter Peters is an expert on everything, even things he’s never heard of before. His slick media appearances put him on the fast track…until one of his interviews blows up in his face. Written by John Feffer Directed by Doug Krehbel Starring John Feffer as… Continue reading The Pundit

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The Bird

Poland 1989: a man, a woman, a revolution, a revelation.   ABOUT In search of adventure in Poland 1989, a young man discovers a female assassin, a Jewish skinhead, a mysterious bird, and the loss of innocence. John Feffer plays seven characters in this one-man show, with an assist from the bird. Directed by Doug… Continue reading The Bird

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Edible Rex

n this one-man show, a father, a son, and a French chef search for the perfect meal. The adventure begins in a Chinese restaurant and continues to Sweden, North Korea, and Oklahoma. And you thought you were obsessed with food

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Krapp’s Last Power Point

Krapp’s Last Power Point is an almost-one-man performance about technology gone out of control. George Krapp is a scientist giving a presentation on a new drug with miraculous benefits. His presentation is not exactly a slam dunk, however. The drug has controversial side effects, and the government has refused to grant approval for human trials.… Continue reading Krapp’s Last Power Point

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